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Traditional CM, CR, ECO or NBR/CR materials have been rapidly displaced by standard AEM, HT-AEM and HT-ACM. However, even these polymers fail at continuous exposure above 185 ° C. High performance specialty fluoroelastomers like Viton ® can withstand temperatures up to 230 ° C in aggressive engine oils for the lifetime of the vehicle.

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Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Polymer information including Physical, Mechanical, and Thermal properties as well as Environmental and Chemical resistances. Please note that information presented here is general to Fluoroelastomer polymer. The properties and

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PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Chemical Compatibility Chart: Check the chemical compatibility of Polyvinyl chloride / PVC with various chemicals, solvents, alcohols and other products. Shop PVC Please Note: The information in this chart has been supplied by reputable sources and is to be used ONLY as a guide in selecting equipment for appropriate chemical compatibility.

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1994/3/1· Veneer hose Fuel hoses are in use where the tube is a composite containing a thin veneer of FKM backed by a lower cost fuel resistant elastomer. The FKM layer provides an excellent barrier against fuel permeation, good fuel resistance and outstanding heat

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EPDM is extremely resistant to many chemicals such as Acetaldehyde, Acetamide, and Ammonia. Viton is resistant to many hydrocarbons and is best to use with chemicals in the petroleum industry. If you are looking for an oil resistant rubber, neoprene is a good choice and it also has a temperature resistance of up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (F).

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Where long lengths of hose are required or high suction may be experienced, additional wire or nylon reinforcement ensures that our hoses will continue to perform without risk of collapse or kinking. BSH Blue Silicone Hose FKM FLUOROCARBON LINED HOSES FSH FLUOROSILICONE LINED HOSES GLSH FIBRE GLASS REINFORCED HOSE OAT ORGANIC ACID COOLANT HOSE RNH SILICONE TURBO-CHARGER HOSE …

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“Acid-resistant Viton® FKM will provide the industry with an economic and much needed bisphenol alternative to peroxide cured FKM, offering protection against the acid gases and condensates generated by modern engines,” Cazuc added.

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ECO (7) CR (8) CSM (9) AU EU (10) T (11) Si (12) FSi (13) FKM (14) ACM Acetaldehyde C U A A U C C U C A U U U Acetamide C C A A A B B U U B A B U Acetic Acid, Glacial B C B A C U C C U B B C C U Acetic Acid, 30% B B B A B B A A C B A B B U

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PTFE Chemical Compatibility Chart: Polytetrafluoroethylene is very non-reactive and ideal for use with most chemicals. Review the chemical compatibility of Teflon® and PTFE with various chemicals, solvents, alcohols and other products in the cart below. Shop

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According to different performance, silicone hoses can be classified into fuel-resistant hose, silicone turbo intake hose, silicone coolant hose, silicone CAC hose, chemical resistant hose, fire ratardant silicone hose, silicone heater hose, wire reinforced silicone

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DuPont Viton® Product Name Nominal Viscosity (ML 1 + 10 at 121 C) Specific Gravity Polymer Fluorine Content, % Compression Set, % 70 hr at 200 C Temperature Retraction (TR-10), C Increase, CM-15 (3) Fuel at 23 C Process Product Description

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Silicone rubbers unique set of chemical properties suits it for many appliions. Edue yourself of the major chemical resistances of silicone inside! As a long-standing silicone rubber supplier, we’ve dealt with customers that have used this flexible material in a gamut of uses and appliions.

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231 essure Thermoplastic Resistance table for O-rings 1 = resistant 2 = limited resistance 3 = not resistant Chemicals Seals NBR EPDM FKM Acetone 3 1 3 Acetylene gas 1 1 1 Alcohol 2 1 1 Alkalis 1 1 3 Aluminium sulphate 1 1 1 Ammonia, liquid 2 1 2


FUEL AND MINERAL OIL SUCTION AND DELIVERY HOSE - CORRUGATED Suction and delivery hose for minearal oils, diesel fuel and gasoline with aromatic contents up to 50%. Very light, very flexible and extraordinarily resistant to …

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Compound Production Facility Zeta Rubber produces rubber compounds based on customers'' specifiions in its production facility at Çevre Industrial Site inside İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone with an annual capacity of 1200 mt. In production, rubber types

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Fuel Oil U U U U A B U A Fumaric Acid C C U U A B B A Chemical or Media NR / IR SBR / BR IIR EPDM EPM NBR CR SI FKM Furan, Furfuran U U U C U U? U Furfural U U B B U C U U Fyquel (Cellulube) U U A A U U A A G Return to Top Gallic Acid A B B

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2005/7/26· 10. A heat resistant fuel hose as described in claim 7, wherein said organic peroxide is dicumyl peroxide in an amount of 0.5-8 phr. 11. A heat resistant fuel hose as described in claim 1, wherein said ACM is a mixture which further comprises an 12.

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Oil & Solvent Resistant hose Pipe (IS : 635/1982) Rubber Hose For Fuel Dispensing (IS : 2396/1988) Chemical Suction & Discharge (IS : 7654/1975) Sand Blasting Rubber Hose Pipe (IS : 5897/1980) Heavy Duty Water Suction & Discharge Hose Pipe (IS : 3549

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This rubber tubing material chart shows the various properties of the rubber tubing available at Custom Advanced. Home » Resources » Rubber Tubing Material Chart Rubber Tubing Material Chart For more information on our rubber tubing, our rubber material chart, or the material that will be best for your appliion, please contact us at (888) 810-2666.

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Tubing Chemical Compatibility Tables W A R N I N G The information in these tables has been supplied by the tubing manufacturers and is to be used ONL Y as a guide to select your tubing. Test fluids and tubing using the tubing test procedure below . No

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NBR Hose - Nitrile Straight Hose with excellent resistance to oil, fuels and also weather. It is established material for use in fuel or oil appliions. CALL NOW.PRODUCT INFORMATIONFor NBR Hose - Nitrile Straight Hose, on a cost basis nitrile butyl rubber is the least expensive of the oil resistant elastomers.

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Since its introduction as the pioneer fluoroelastomer, Viton (FKM fluorocarbon) has helped establish a new standard of performance for today''s advanced fuel and engine systems. Now it is even more effective against extremes of heat, chemicals, fuel mixtures and fuel additives because it is an essential element for meeting today''s and tomorrow''s more stringent requirements.

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FKM Black Heat Resistant Quad Ring For Diesel Fuels , Rubber X Ring Seals The sealing principle of the Quad - ring is nearly the same as the O-ring sealing. The initial sealing is achieved by the diametrical squeeze in a right angled groove. The system pressure

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CONSTRUCTION OF SAE J30 R9 HYDRAULIC RUBBER FUEL HOSE Permeation Barrier: Special rubber which has perfect oil-,fuel-resistant performance (FKM) Tube: Oil -,Fuel-resistant synthetic rubber compound(ECO) Reinforcement: High tensile braided

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Required To Process Eco Bxa R (Heat & Cold Resistant Plasticizer) Plastrodine S (Lubricant For Speciality Rubbers) Daisonet Xl21 (Lead Free Curing System For Eco) P 152 (Good Bond Between Fkm And Eco For Fuel Hose